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Slatin Family Services


We're here to help.


Best Interests of your child/children.

We say it, we hear it, we read it; but what does it mean and how do we get to it?  With so many separated parents, children are often stuck in the middle while the two people they love most argue, fight, separate, and keep fighting. Unless this changes, your child is severely at-risk for depression, anxiety, school failure, cutting, alcohol and drug abuse, and young teen pregnancy.

We are here to help you.


Richard H. Slatin, MC/MFCT. Starting in 1992,  he has been working with Family Courts and Family Court Parents in providing services that focus on the best interests of the children.  In the last seven years alone, Mr. Slatin has written more than 1,600 expert-opinion reports in Family Court Cases.  Additionally, he has been and continues to teach high-conflict co-parenting, counseling and psychology programs. You can download a copy his resume/CV by going to our "DOWNLOADS" page.


His book, Who Can I Love?, a story-therapy book written for parents and children to read together, is available on Amazon.com and is now in its 5th printing. You can learn more about it below  Clicking below on the book's image (below) will take you to Amazon. It's available starting at just $9.99.


His many television appearances discussing topics such as Step-Parenting, Children and Grief, Parenting Young Children for Grandparents, and Co-Operative Parenting for High-Conflict Parents can be seen here.

Jorge Gracia, MC/MFCT. He joined us in 2019, bringing his experience in family counseling services, teaching, and program development. WIth his addition to our firm, we can now offer services in Yavapai and Maricopa counties, and other jurisdictions in Arizona.

Who Can I Love?   written by Richard Slatin, MC/MFCT, is a storybook for parents and children to read together. It is the story of Kayden, whose parents live separately.  When one parent gains a new partner,  Kayden is stuck in the middle as the other parent doesn't want him to "like" the new partner.  For Kayden, this results in feelings of sadness, depression, and guilt, plus loyalty conflicts.  Learn how Kayden works through these challenges with the help of his friends. Written in therapy form, valuable insights and tools are provided in the story that you can use to recognize the signs and help your own child/children through this difficult time and better on track to thriving.  


To learn more, click on the image below to be taken to Amazon.com

Providing Services to Parents, Attorneys, and Family Court Divisions Throughout Arizona.
(Bilingual services in English and Spanish are available.)

 High-Conflict/Cooperative                   Parenting Program.   

Participants are referred to  the      Program by the Superior Court of Arizona, most often in Yavapai County, where the Program is based Classes are only $25/person per class, for a total of eight (8) classes. 


Classes meet once each week for eight weeks generally at Yavapai College in downtown Prescott.


To sign up for the  Program, send an email to:




Your email needs to include your name, complete contact information, and attach a copy of your court order referring you to the High Conflict/ Cooperative Parenting Program.


Go to the "Downloads" page for your Program information. 

When a minimum  of eight (8) participants have signed up to take the Program, we then arrange for classroom dates at Yavapai College and we will contact those who have emailed us with complete contact information and a copy of a referring court order.

  Supervised Parenting Time.

  At Slatin Family Services, our            supervisors have earned a Master         Degree in Counseling, with an                 emphasis in Marriage, Family, and         Child Therapy, hold an Arizona               Department of Public Safety Level         One Fingerprint Clearance Card,             have completed professional               supervision training, adhere to               professional parenting time                    standards, have experience with            court litigants and their families, and    are bilingual in English and Spanish.


 We are experienced and             familiar with good, economically   appropriate locations and activities       for parenting time visitations.

  • Evaluative Reports.

  • Court-Appointed Family Advisory Evaluations are a relatively inexpensive method used to provide the court with an expert analysis of collateral information such documents, records, and interview information.  

  • Brief-Focused Assessments combined with well-reasoned and child-focused opinions in Family Court cases can provide a very clear and expert-based report for the court. Written from a mental and behavioral health perspective, this utilizes the unique family systems approach.  This can differ from attorney-authored reports, as legal education is very different from mental and behavioral health education. Once considered as being too expensive for those who need it most, this has now become much more affordable.

  • Parenting Coordination. An hourly service for high-conflict parents, this is generally a more immediate and less-costly alternative than returning to court.

  • Court Testimony. Expert Witness court testimony is available by prior arrangement and subject matter.

Slatin Family Services

5200 N. Mission Ln.

Prescott Valley, Arizona  86314

Tel. 602-405-7613

E-mail. slatinfamilyservices@gmail.com

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