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Our services include:

  • education

  • conflict management

  • supervised parenting time

  • child custody and family evaluations

  •  expert opinion reports

  • expert testimony.

Parenting Programs

When parents separate, this typically occurs with arguments, fighting, drug/alcohol abuse.  For the parents to raise healthy children, this requires parenting changes .  Otherwise, they continue to communicate with the conditions that existed when the parents separated.

High-Conflict & Cooperative Parenting. A series of 8 child focused-classes that provide the needed changes for effective co-parenting communication and cooperation.

Parenting Skills. A series of 8 classes help separated parents to develop and maintain simlar parenting styles, disciplinary practices, and understand consistency and child developmental stages.   Having more in common and in differences between the parents' home  helps children with healthy emotional and mental development.

Conflict Management

Parenting Coordination occurs with a court appointment of a third-party professional who meets with the parties to resolve small-medium disagreements.  This can be very economical, stress-relieving, and helpful in reducing the number of times that parents return to court.  Instead of waiting weeks or months to meet with the court, many conflicts can be addressed within days.

Parenting Time Supervision

 Parenting Time Supervision is a type of child visitation that is ordered by the court in certain situations. With supervised visitation, the noncustodial
parent is only allowed to visit with the child if a designated
adult is present. This usually requires the visitation to occur at a set
time and place. Also, some supervised visitation also involves public location(s).

At Slatin Family Services, our supervisors have earned a Master Degree in Counseling, with an emphasis in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy, hold an Arizona Department of Public Safety Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card, have had professional supervision training, adhere to professional parenting time standards, have experience with court litigants and their families, and are bilingual in English and Spanish.  We are experienced and familiar with good, economically appropriate locations and activities for visitation. To aid in your familiarity with the services in this specialized area, this has been prepared to aid you with useful information. 

(Intake form and supervisor qualifications can be retrieved from the "Downloads" page.

Custody-Family Evaluations & Testifying

Child Custody Evaluations.

The training of counselors and judges are very different, but the focus on the best interests of the child/children is critically important in Family Court cases. But, specially-trained counselors can investigate, evaluate, and report to the court; providing the court with a qualified expert opinion of the family and its members; with a, therapeutic understanding  of the best interests of the child/children and how their needs can be met .

These types of reports provide critcally-needed information; analyzed and with child-focused suggestions that are in the best interests of the child/children.

Expert Witness & Consultant.

Sometimes the author of the report testifies in court as an Expert Witness regarding the report.  Mr. Slatin qualifies as an Expert Witness  in the areas stated in this website.