You have two options as to how to pay for this program.  Choosing this option means that you are to pay for each class no less than 24 hours before the class begins.  You will choose this option -8- times, as you will pay $28.50 for each class session.  You are responsible for payment before each class.


In this program, you are taught to identify, avoid, and resolve conflict behaviors.  Remember, you can't change anyone else's behaviors but your own.  In this 16-hour program you will learn both little and big steps towards effective co-parenting.  Once completed, a Certificate of Completion will be filed with the Court.  But remember, you will have to actively use the skills, and techniques taught in this program. Failure to do so and continuing with conflict behaviors comes with a price!  The Court has the authority to order you to repeat the entire program, upon which you will need to pay again the cost of the program.  Alternatively, if you are not ordered to repeat the program but want to repeat one or more of the classes or the entire program, then you are able to do so free of charge.  You are also able to contact your instructor to help you to better address a conflict that has come up between you and your co-parent.  Remember at all times, your instructor's role is not to resolve conflicts for you, but to assist you in resolving them yourself.



You will have readings and exercises to do in the workbook before and after each class session.  Your Instructor will check your progress periodically. 


You will not pass this course if you:

a. Do not comply the homework assignments requested by your Instructor.

b. Do not participate respectfully in the class sessions.

c. If you do not address and/or treat your instructor, your co-parent, and others in the program with respect.

e. Do not comply with the reasonable requests by your Instructor.


You will pass this course if you:

a. Comply with your Instructor's homework requests.

b. Participate respectfully in class sessions.

c. If you address and/or treat your instructor, your co-parent, and others in the program with respect.

d. Comply with the reasonable requests by your Instructor.


You may be ordered to repeat this Program:

If the Court orders you.  It is not enough to simply complete the Program.  The purpose of the Program is to provide you with the tools, resources, and oppportunities  to change in the manner you interact with your co-parent.  If you instead choose to continue to act in the manner which likely resulted in your referral to this Program, you may expect to be ordered to repeat this Program, at the cost of your time and money, as you will have to pay the original fee, again.  The best way to avoid this is to use those new tools and skills.

Payment Plan Cooperative Parenting/High Conflict Program

  • When you register for this Program on the Slatin Family Services Website, make certain you also provide your mailing adderss.  A workbook will then be mailed to you.

(2) High-Conflict, Cooperative Parenting Program
IF YOU ARE PAYING IN FULL, IN ADVANCE your cost is discounted to $199.99.


Thank you!