High-Conflict Cooperative     Parenting Program.  

Participants are referred to  the Program by the Superior Court of Arizona, most often in Yavapai County, where the Program is based.


The Program for this session starts on  Tuesday,  March 23rd, 2021.


For a participant to earn a Certificate of Completion, all -8- class sessions must be attended, in additiion to the following:


  • all readings and workbook exercises must be completed prior to its due date.
  • participatns are required to act in a civil manner at all times; whether in regard to the instructor(s), the other parent, or any other participant.
  • there are a few participation rules to be followed, that will be discussed in the first class session.
  • discussion participation is mandatory.
  • all are required to conduct him/her self in a respectful manner.


While participants can complete the Program without a court order, each biological parent of the subject child within a separated family should participate, in order to be effective.  Step-parent participation is welcome, subject to conduct, compliance, and payment; all the same that is required of a biological parent. In the case of parents who have completed the Program, note that a Certificate of Completion, filed with a court, provides that a parent can be returned to the Program by the court upon a determination that the parent is acting in high conflict ways causing continuing chaos and conflict impacting a child of the biological parents. Following completion of the Program, a parent may voluntarily repeat any class or the entire Program free of cost, unless the parent has been court-ordered to repeat the Program.  In that event, the parent must pay the entire Program cost to repeat the Program.  We have found that this provides an effective incentive for some parents to follow the guidelines and teachings of the Program.  A Used Parent's Workbook is included in the cost and mailed to you shortly before the Program begins.  The participant can expect to have reading and exercise homework, for each class.  


Payment Options.


1. The cost of this Program is $228.00.  If you make your payment in full before the first class, you are entitled to a discount and need only pay $193.


2. You can alternatively make  payments before each class. Payment can be made 24 hours before each class.  Classes are only $28.50/person per class, for a total of eight (8) classes.; due and payable 24 hours before each class. 


3. The Workbook cost is included in the Program cost.  


When you register for the Program, no money needs to be paid at that time. When a start date for the Program has been decided, registered parties will be noticed by email.


Once you have made either your payment in full or your first class paymment, the link to the Zoom class will be emailed to you.  It is suggested that you log on to the class no later than 5 minute before class.


There are two online class sessions each week for four (4) weeks; on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each class starts at 5:30pm and ends at approximately 7:15.pmYou will need high-speed internet connection and a computer.  If you do not have this, your local library has free internet and computer access.  Ask the librarian to do this and set you up.  Its not hard to do but you may need to provide your own video camera, microphone, and headset.  In that event, these can be purchased very inexpensively at the your local Goodwill, Thrift, or Secondhand Store.


NOTE:  Class participation by smartphone or Iphone will not work.  The smallest compatible device would be an Ipad, Tablet (Android or PC).


As an online, 'live virtual class', the participants are able to attend the class sessions from almost anywhere with the technology now common in most home environments.


If you have not already done so, please inform your instructor that you have received your workbook. Please review the workbook in general, particularly that you have a "notes" section near the end of the workbook. 


Prior to each class (including your first class) you are to read the Chapter in the workbook, also doing the exercises in the workbok and the review questions at the end of each chapter.  For example, the first class is assignment chapter one in the workbook, the second class is assigned chapter two in the workbook, with its exercises and review questions at the end.   This work will be check by your instructor.  Failure to follow instruction and complete assignments can cause you to NOT pass this Program.

Cooperative Parenting/High Conflict Program

SKU: CP-Workbook
$228.00 Regular Price
$199.99Sale Price
  • If paid in full, in advance, the cost is 199.99.  Alternatively, payment can be made at the rate of $28.50 per class, of which that total is $228.00.

    Either  plan includes a used workbook.

    Simply choose which plan you want.  If making payments, please make the payment for each class no later than less than 24 hours before  class.

(2) High-Conflict, Cooperative Parenting Program
IF YOU ARE PAYING IN FULL, IN ADVANCE your cost is discounted to $199.99.



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