Our High Conflict Program

"Does this really work?"  I'm often asked that question, which is usually accompanied with a feeling of hope.  The best way to answer that is to compare it to a set of tools being used to help parents raise children.  Raising children isn't easy.  In addition to getting them to adulthood (and beyond) its about raising them to be healthy, make good choices, and create happiness in the lives of themselves and their future loved ones.

What this Program does is to approach the co-parenting relationship honestly and with respect.  In most cases, two people once loved each other and out of that love came children. Then, for whatever reason, the love was not enough to hold the parents together.  However, the most important people to those parents are their children, but the importance of that can become a bit lost for awhile, as the parents also have to deal with the transition from being together, to something else.

We have a Program, and it works.  We do not claim it is perfect, but it does work, provided the parents follow its teachings and use its tools. Most importantly, the parents must put the children back where the children belong; which is being and coming first.  First before parents' anger, first before their hurt feelings, first above all.  Here is what others  have said after completing the Program:

"Mr. Slatin, 


Thank you for your attention to detail during this class. I learned a lot and had to think through some things in a way that I hadn't previously. I feel like it will be very beneficial for me and my relationship with my Co-parent.


You have my permission to use this.


Thank you again, 


Nichelle Leitner"


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