An Overview of The High Conflict Program

 High-Conflict/Cooperative Parenting Program.

When parents separate, it usually is just the next step in a deteriorating, cohabitating relationship. When the relationship begins to have serious problems, that is the first signal that there is a need for identifying and and making serious changes by one or both parties. While every relationship has its problems, the majority of those relationships expand to include superficial remedies as a "band-aid" approach to the problems. Then, by the time the parents preeminently separate, so much relationship damage has happened; drug and alcohol abuse, infidelities, even domestic violence. This is bad enough when parties are childless, but add to this children of the parties, and they will suffer as children and will later suffer as adults; with the combative and toxic co-parenting relationship becoming their normalized view of the world.


This Program is designed to provide the co-parents with new tools, resources, and strategies to be able to raise the children together, but living separately.  It is taught over the course of eight sessions so that the co-parents have time and space to adapt, as many parents are still angry, have grudges against each other, and a long list of excuses, faults, and blame that all act as obstacles to raising healthy children 


Participants are typically referred to this Program by the Superior Court of Arizona, most often in Yavapai County, where the Program is based. While there are many parenting courses, there are few that provide separated parents with the new skills and strategies needed to raise healthy children, who then have a greater chance of growing up to be happier, healthier adults.

Through a education of re-framing, behavior modification, new strategies, and other methods, parents are given the tools to make a difference.

A used workbook, which are found in abundance, are included in the Program; which is facilitated with a mixture of lecture and discussion style class sessions.  At the conclusion, if the participants have acted responsibly, , a certificate of completion is placed into their official court file.  However, and this is important; this Program requires that the certificate-earning participant practice what they have been taught, at the risk of repeating the Program.  That includes repetition of payment, as well.  Quite frankly, we would prefer the participants spend the money on their children, but that is a choice each parent must make, and a promise that each parent must keep---for the sake of their children if not themselves.

Please make payment choices below:

a. Choose #2 if you are paying in full, in advance of the first class; this is a $28 savings!

b. Choose #3 if you are paying $28.50 per class.  The total cost is then $228, but paying per class may make this more manageable for you. Please be certain to pay at least 24 hours before each class.

c. Choose #4 if you have a spouse who wishes to participate. In some cases, this is very helpful.

(2) High-Conflict, Cooperative Parenting Program
IF YOU ARE PAYING IN FULL, IN ADVANCE your cost is discounted to $199.99.


(3) High-Conflict, Cooperative Parenting Program Pay per Class,
($228.00 for -8- Classes)
NOTE: Payment due 24 hours before each class,


(4) High-Conflict, Cooperative Parenting Program Pay per Class,
Participating Spouse ONLY. ($104 for -8- classes)



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